TOVI – Mad Melancholia

Toronto-based synth-rocker TOVI returns with an outstanding slice of electronica in the shape of new single ‘Mad Melancholia’. Adding elements of dark pop and psychedelic rock into the mix, the track feels distinctly unique in tone.

“‘Mad Melancholia’ is a song about mentally spiralling. Those late night/ early morning thoughts where it seems like everything is the absolute worst, the ones that keep you from falling asleep. Fading in and out of reality. I wanted the dramatic lyrics with the lullaby-like melody to feel a bit tongue in cheek, expressing this frustration of losing control of my own thoughts.”


TOVI – Hard Feelings

TOVI continues to mark herself as a champion in Canadian synth-rock with the release of the deliciously dark ‘Hard Feelings’.

The Alberta-born, Toronto-based artist shows off her delicate yet haunting vocals over crushing rock drums and toppling synths.

“This song calls myself out on self-sabotage. I was inspired by this article I stumbled upon. It was talking about people who often find themselves yearning for someone or something that is completely out of their reach, geographically or otherwise. You get to play the victim, you get to avoid change. It made me realise something in me needed to shift.”

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘Hard Feelings’ which is due out on 9th April 2021.