Two Another – You’re Gone

Two Another are back with spellbinding new single ‘You’re Gone’, telling the story of a secret gay high school romance – and one that vocalist Eliot Porter wished he always had.

Confronting the shame he felt throughout his years at an all-boys high school, Porter was unable to express his sexuality, causing him stress and inner turmoil. Looking back into his past experiences allows him to accept who he is today, while finally voicing his inner frustrations: 

“We would meet up after school, why’d we have to make it so secret?

Scared of that they might have heard, never thought that we deserved anything”

Two Another

Two Another – Matter Of Time

Rising pop duo Two Another return with a perfectly balanced blend of R&B and synth-pop on new single ‘Matter of Time’. The song was written during the pandemic, when the duo found themselves giving advice and strength to the people they loved in the face of adversity.

“Last year my boyfriend lost his job and like countless others he struggled to find work for a really long time. It started to affect his mental health and self esteem in a way I hadn’t seen before. This song is inspired by the difficult conversations we would have about our future and learning how to come to terms with circumstances out of our control.” – Eliot, Two Another

Two Another

Two Another – Jump

Emerging pop duo Two Another return with uplifting new single ‘Jump’. Despite splitting their time between Stockholm and Amsterdam, the pair have never let distance come between them and have already garnered over 150 million streams to date.

“We made Jump at a turbulent time in both our lives, but what came out of this adversity reinvigorated our friendship and creative partnership. Lyrically and sonically it sets the tone for what you will hear from us over the coming months.”

Two Another