Amanda Alexander + VAAAL – I don’t talk about you

Swedish artist Amanda Alexander teams up with LA-based producer & writer VAAAL on new single ‘I don’t talk about you’.

Together, these two talents created a raw piece of music that seems to fulfil the entire spectrum of emotions – blending dark and industrial sounds with dreamy tones of euphoria.

Since the song was originally constructed years ago, Amanda decided to also collaborate with singer, songwriter & producer frogi on rewriting some of the lyrics and adding some final touches, creating the superb song that you are listening to now.

“It hurts when you meet someone who really fills you up. It’s like a part of you has changed forever, and you know it will never be the same again. And when it ends, that part of you can never belong to someone else because you have saved it for them – for another world or universe where the relationship still exists.” – Amanda Alexander

Amanda Alexander | VAAAL

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