Valley Boy – Gummi Bear

To mark the release of Valley Boy’s debut EP ‘Thursday Friday’ (which is out now), the ingenious duo have launched ‘Gummi Bear’ as a single to entice us all into their wonderfully unique world of indie rock.

“The songs on this EP cover territory spanning from our personal relationships to our family ones, and even our relationship with each other as friends, and are all shaped through the lens of having grown up together in our beloved San Fernando Valley. We hope you stick around as we continue to unpack more of our childhoods and accumulate more tiny keyboards.”

Valley Boy

New Music: Valley Boy

Mellow indie pop with a playful and nostalgic twist, crafted by childhood friends James Alan Ghaleb and Ian Meltzer.

“After spending so many years writing and performing for/ with other people, the music we’re making as Valley Boy is the cathartic release of just doing what we want for ourselves.” Ian Meltzer , Valley Boy.

Valley Boy