vaultboy – Disaster

vaultboy’s talent for songwriting has been winning millions of hearts across the world over the last year.

Honest and moving, his powerful new pop-ballad ‘Disaster’ was written as a result of seeing someone you love in self-destruct mode.

“‘Disaster’ is about the type of person it hurts to love. Someone who’s problems are often self-inflicted and ends up hurting the people around them: even the people that love them.”

Since joining TikTok at the end of 2020, vaultboy has rapidly gained momentum thanks to his witty and speedy ability to write songs, consequently garnering an audience that now sits at over a million followers.


New Music: vaultboy

Be warned before you press play that this song is exceptionally catchy..! vaultboy is a singer-songwriter from Florida who’s track ‘everything sucks’ has started to pick up viral traction – having been used in over 90k videos on TikTok alone since January.

“It’s crazy to me how a song I wrote in my bedroom about looking on the bright side has connected to so many people all over the world. We’re all so similar in that way; we’re just looking for a reason to smile and be okay.”