vi0let – Audience

UK-based singer & songwriter vi0let returns today with the release of melodic new single ‘Audience’.

Further showcasing this starlet’s flair for songwriting, the track presents listeners with a sleek fusion of R&B and pop, while the lyrics tell of those moments when you finally realise your true worth within a toxic relationship.

“It’s almost like they don’t really see you for you. They just want your reaction to feel better about themselves. Feeling so replaceable yet so tied down can feel really confusing and writing this song, using all these metaphors to describe the polar opposite behaviours of this person, really helped me understand my role in this situation. It’s actually not about a romantic relationship. It describes multiple friendships and family members, which can sometimes be even more painful to deal with. I didn’t want this track to be a sad one, I felt quite powerful writing it when I finally realised the role I was playing for other people. By the end of the song I say ‘Seems like it’s easier when I go, blocking out the life you never tried so I pack up my bags maybe you’ll grow.’ Which is my way of coming to terms that it’s sometimes better to remove yourself and wish them the best.”

With praise from the likes of Wonderland and Earmilk already under her belt, vi0let is rapidly marking her name as an artist to watch.

‘Audience’ is lifted from the forthcoming ‘Believe Me When I Cry’ debut EP, which is out in the autumn.


vi0let – Over & Over (feat. Jymenik)

Photo / Libby Cooper

Rising London-based singer-songwriter vi0let unveils her stunning new single ‘Over & Over’, featuring Brighton-based Serbian artist Jymenik.

Silky vocals glide over a production that effortlessly combines airy R&B with trap sonics, giving the song a sultry and dark essence.

“The intention behind writing the song originally came from a place of heartbreak. I was still processing an extremely toxic relationship I had left and reflected on how I feel they viewed me. I felt like an idiot for so long constantly going back to the relationship which is how the chorus came to be. When producing the track with Jomo Kru, it became less of a sad song and more of a dark and mysterious ballad. It gave me a feeling of confidence although it’s quite the intimate track. Once we had the song down, I instantly thought of Jymenik for this track. She radiates a dark and mysterious energy and I knew her voice would take this song to the next level.”

vi0let | Jymenik

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tmdistant + vi0let – nothing new

Two emerging newcomers join forces to create one of the strongest RnB-pop songs of the season. ‘nothing new’ is a collaboration between 18 year-old Essex-based anti-pop artist tmdistant and German-Irish pop/ RnB talent vi0let.

With production from Abare, this is a hauntingly dark and futuristic piece that blends elements of alt-RnB with pop, engrossing the listener and leaving them completely captivated.

“This song is about two individuals who are constantly toxic towards each other, they know that they aren’t good together but they are both stubborn. I wrote from the perspective of the man in the relationship who is fed up with the situation he is in with the beautiful woman. In this day and age toxicity has become normalised and it shouldn’t be, so I showed an example of this in the song.” – tmdistant

tmdistant | vi0let