tmdistant – what’s wrong with you?

UK talent tmdistant continues to turn his own life experiences into extraordinary art through his latest musical offering.

‘what’s wrong with you?’ is built over a stunning guitar-infused production that allows this rising artist to deliver raw emotion into every lyric, which in turn connects with listeners:

“I get blinded by a lot of things. I always say I’m not emotional and I’m usually not but in some situations I become so stupid and I’m a sucker for answering calls even after I’ve said I’m not answering anymore.” 


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tmdistant – hostage

Rising UK singer-songwriter tmdistant returns today with his emotionally-charged new single ‘hostage’.

The song details the pain and suffering while he was in a relationship, where he endured a cycle of emotional abuse for almost three years – hoping that the person he loves would eventually reciprocate the same love and energy… but never does.

“This song sums up how I felt throughout a 2/3 year, one-sided relationship – most people would call this a toxic relationship. I found myself living for her rather than myself, and I never really felt able to be myself. I felt trapped. I found myself doing everything in my power to make sure that she was okay regardless of what that did to me. I’ve learned to never put someone ahead of you and your needs ‘cos it breaks you down in the end.”


tmdistant – mix it up

Effortlessly fusing hyperpop and electronica with sprinkles of alternative hip-hop, UK tmdistant marks his return today with ‘mix it up’. Lyrically, the song details his rise from nothing to something in the space of a year as a musician (thanks to the huge interest garnered from singles like  ‘break’ and ‘so bipolar’).

Now if there’s a party somewhere, he’s the first person to be invited – whereas in the past he was an afterthought. 

“I wrote this song after attending a few parties after covid restrictions being eased and people starting to enjoy going out again. This motive I went to was full of people from my childhood (high school days) – as I entered the party, it felt like everyone saw a ghost. People were greeting me like I was a celebrity – it was a surreal feeling. I felt like a superstar. These were the same people that used to laugh at me when I first started making music funny enough. Thus why on the intro I said ‘they never understood the plan, they just pouring a cup’. Wherever I go these days, people know me— my presence always shakes things up. That’s what made me write this song the way I did. The rest can be interpreted however the listener thinks and feels.”


tmdistant + vi0let – nothing new

Two emerging newcomers join forces to create one of the strongest RnB-pop songs of the season. ‘nothing new’ is a collaboration between 18 year-old Essex-based anti-pop artist tmdistant and German-Irish pop/ RnB talent vi0let.

With production from Abare, this is a hauntingly dark and futuristic piece that blends elements of alt-RnB with pop, engrossing the listener and leaving them completely captivated.

“This song is about two individuals who are constantly toxic towards each other, they know that they aren’t good together but they are both stubborn. I wrote from the perspective of the man in the relationship who is fed up with the situation he is in with the beautiful woman. In this day and age toxicity has become normalised and it shouldn’t be, so I showed an example of this in the song.” – tmdistant

tmdistant | vi0let

tmdistant – so bipolar

No stranger to the pages of Alfitude, Essex wonder-kid tmdistant returns with the excellent ‘so bipolar’.

Fusing multiple genres like alt-RnB, funk, trap and pop, the song was written as anthem for fake love; and the fake people who change and leave – only to expect to be welcomed back when they return.

“Even friends I’ve had in the past have been the same, always changing. I would hear different things people have said about me from others, while these same people show me love then they see me. I just wanted to share my experience and hope listeners can relate to it.”


tmdistant – go get it

The massively talented Essex-based singer, rapper and songwriter that is tmdistant is back today with motivational new single ‘go get it’.

The track brings a melodic approach to rap, with a guitar progression, trap-infused drums and a motivational message that we could all do with hearing right now!

“I wrote ‘go get it’ when I was in a place in my life where I was thinking of change, I talk to my mum about how I’m going to make it and change her life. I want to make my family have a life they’ve always dreamed of, it is important to me to get it for the people around me, the people who support me, the people who look up to me. I want to show them that regardless of who you are what you look like or where you come from, if you want it you can go get it.”


Tom Did It + tmdistant – Demons

You know you’re on to something special when you come across a song as intense and thought-provoking as this. More so when it’s the work of two 17 year-old artists. Some of the UK’s most exciting talents right here…

“The song is about mental health young men. Me and tmdistant wrote it from two different perspectives of bad mental in our lives as we have both been through different things to affect us mentally.” – Tom Did It

Tom Did It | tmdistant