A Norwegian remix of Whitney Houston

whitney slapfisk

Courtesy of Slapfisk.

A mixtape that cuddles you

Catching Flies Long Journey Home soundtrack

London parties tonights but I am home listening to this mixtape from Catching Flies and forgetting what a bad week it’s been.

Whitney Houston – I’m Every Woman (Acapella)
Portico Quartet – Life Mask
Submotion Orchestra – Sunshine
Howson’s Groove – Blithe
Foals – Late Night (Koreless Purple Cowboy Remix)
Bonobo – Brace Brace
Ben Westbeech – Summers Loss
Seekae – Dome
Teebs – Verbena Tea
Catching Flies – The Long Journey Home
Ifan Dafydd – Treehouse
Dpat – Bloom
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Still Life

The most wonderful reworking of a Whitney Houston song you’ll ever hear…

This was done by Postiljonen, a Swedish outfit who make some really dreamy synth gems.

Free Download: Lo-Fi-Fnk & Friendzone ‘Taking U 4 Granted’

One of the cutest sounding electro duo’s, Lo-Fi-Fnk, have released a track with Friendzone as a free track and it’s brilliant. Just what you need to hear before the start of the weekend. AND they’ve also released a free mixtape. Love these guys!

1. Merely Feat. Sun Angels – Where Are You
2. Chris Brown – Beautiful People
3. Balkan Beat – Oh Yeah (2010 Remix)
4. Blood Diamonds Feat. Grimes – Phone Sex (Unicorn Kid Remix)
5. Robert Miles – One And One
6. Friendzone & Lo-Fi-Fnk – Takin U 4 Granted (**NEW TRACK**)
7. Whitney Houston – It’s Not Right (But It’s Okay)
8. Young Diamond – Call Me Maybe
9. Sun Angels – G-Force Summer
10. Lo-Fi-Fnk – Shut The World Out (Friendzone Remix)
11. Monkey Safari – Ed Did It
12. Kalle J – Inget Att Förlora

RIP Whitney

Like you need to read it from another blog, but Whitney’s passing in the last few hours has really saddened me. Rest in Peace.

Cause of death is as yet unknown, and it doesn’t really matter now. But it’s a reminder of just how short life is. Kids, make the most of it. And if you spot a talent within you, make sure people know just how amazing you are.

Mix a bit of Robyn with some Whitney and you get a good start to the week…

Courtesy of one of the most amazing Scandi blogs around, this will be my wake up alarm for the next week. A blend of the finest Robyn and Whitney Houston. Come on peeps, smile… Life’s good!

Free Download: Penguin Prison vs Whitney Houston ‘Multi-Millon Dollar Bill’

One of my favourite current artists, Penguin Prison’s done a mashup of his new single, ‘Multi-Millionaire Remixes’ (out on June 5th) with Whitney Houston’s ‘Million Dollar Bill’. Very fun!

MP3: Penguin Prison vs Whitney Houston – Multi-Millon Dollar Bill (Mashup)

You can also download more remixes below – as well as  a teaser for the upcoming next single ‘Fair Warning’.