WOLF – Falling In Love

New Yorker WOLF returns with a punchy slice of indie-pop that juxtaposes bold lyricism with a dreamy production in a way which is really rather beautiful to experience.

I deleted the original lyrics because
It was like a lovey song
Which was completely made up
So why am I writing about that?
It’s stupid, I’m not gonna do that
So until it happens, I’m not writing about it
So dumb


New Music: WOLF

Flawless indie pop from New York talent WOLF. Aside from the distinctive and stunning vocals, this is a sound that feels characteristically unique, with lyricism dedicated to the friends that keep her grounded and encourage her to be the truest version herself.

WOLF’s previous six releases have reached over four million streams, and she’s garnered hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners. Here’s a true musician to watch out for, because it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches up on this kid!