Miko – In My Dreams

Photo / William Arcand

Canadian talent Miko returns today with a superb fusion of indie and pop in the form of new single ‘In My Dreams’. The song sees the artist wrestle with the temptation of lust rather than true desire:

“This song’s about internet infatuation. It takes you with me on a date with someone I’ve never met. I wrote this one at the beginning of the pandemic and got to collaborate remotely with producer Julian Cruz and good friend of mine Yuki Dreams Again. It’s the first time I ever heard strings on one of my songs and I’m so happy with the result.”


Yuki Dreams Again – Pretty Face

The 23-year-old Montreal-based mega-talent returns with a charming slice of RnB-pop (with hints of old-school soul) on ‘Pretty Face’, a song that serves a narrative about dismissing people who no longer hold purpose in your life.

“‘Pretty Face’ is a very personal song about a relationship I had a couple years ago. I made this song to inspire people to leave anyone that makes you feel bad about yourself. I came to the realisation that when you surround yourself with the right people and you let go of anyone that is toxic for you, you make room for better things to happen in your life.”

Taken from the upcoming debut EP ‘Together Alone’ which is out 23rd June 2021.

Yuki Dreams Again

Yuki Dreams Again – Cold World

Each release from Yuki Dreams Again makes me fall in love further with this refreshing Canadian pop artist. ‘Cold World’ also features the talents of Zach Zoya and SORAN.

Baby, it’s a cold world, baby, it’s a mad world
Everybody hopes they just end up with the right girl

Yuki Dreams Again

New Music: Yuki Dreams Again

An enormously exciting sound crafted by 22-year old Canadian talent Yuki Dreams Again. The sound itself is a refreshingly conceptual take on alternative pop that feels minimal yet emotive.

Yuki Dreams Again