Zac Pajak – Midnight

London-based talent Zac Pajac is back today with the infectious ‘Midnight’. This is a buoyant, beat-driven, feel-good bop that is impossible not to enjoy.

“‘Midnight’ is about being apart from someone you love and longing to be with them. For whatever reason, the world is telling you to let go, but you know that what you’ve found is too good to give up and turn your back on.”

Taken from the new ‘Midnight’ EP, which is out now.

Zac Pajak

Zac Pajak – About Time

Now garnering over 50k monthly listeners on Spotify, it’s so good to see that the world is now waking up to Zac Pajak in a big way.

I’ve been a fan of the London-based talent for some time, and the release of ‘About Time’ continues to keep me hooked.

“It’s about that moment you can see your whole future with someone in high definition and it becomes totally clear that it’s meant to be. Over the last twelve months especially, we’ve all had to keep looking forward and remind ourselves that there are brighter days ahead.”

Taken from the upcoming ‘Midnight’ EP, which is set for release on 7th May 2021.

Zac Pajak

Zac Pajak – Southern Comfort

It’s been just under a year since I first experienced Zac Pajak’s sound, and the evolution of his sound has truly been phenomenal. This kid is undoubtedly one of London’s brightest indie-folk prospects.

“‘Southern Comfort’ is about the importance of having family and friends around you to keep you grounded and get you through the tough times. I wrote the song some time ago, but it resurfaced recently, and I decided to re-record it in my home studio during lockdown.”

Zac Pajak

Zac Pajak – Parachute

I am continuously impressed with London-based talent Zac Pajak. The sound itself has a very relatable quality to it, and is a delicately balanced blend of acoustic pop, soul and RnB.

“‘Parachute’ is the summer heartbreak anthem for anyone getting over a relationship, having been messed around for too long. It’s about that empowering moment where the heartache disappears, and we finally realise that we’re actually better off without someone.

Taken from the debut EP ‘Early Hours’ set for release Summer 2020.

Zac Pajak

Zac Pajak – Retrograde

“’Retrograde’ is about letting go and trusting the journey. Sometimes life can take a turn in a different direction and you just have to believe that things happen for a reason. You may not always end up where you thought you were going, but you’ll always end up where you’re meant to be.”

Zac Pajak Music

New Music: Zac Pajak

“Again’ is about meeting someone for the first time and getting that rare crazy connection. There’s a glimpse of what could be, that wave of excitement and anticipation when you think you might be on the brink of something special.”

Zac Pajak