Zed, The Dreamer – i died too

Inspired by the importance of one’s past and the people that you grew up with, rising London-based Portuguese artist Zed, The Dreamer is back today with stunning new single ‘i died too’.

Featuring a stripped-back yet captivating blend of folk, indie and soul, the song serves as a moving and immersive homage to the feeling of ‘longing’, or the Portuguese concept of ‘Saudade’.

Saudade represents the feeling of missing something or someone in an immeasurable way, and is deeply intertwined with the way that the artist perceives the world and his emotions.

Zed, The Dreamer

Zed, The Dreamer – Honour & Pride

Singer-songwriter Zed, The Dreamer (alias of Zé Pedro Viveiros) returns today with stunning new release ‘Honour & Pride’.

This is a dark and haunting song, flowing with truly raw emotion that further proves this Portuguese artist as one to watch.

Look out for the upcoming EP ‘The Life and Death of McKenzie Kane’ which is out soon.

Zed, The Dreamer

New Music: Zed, The Dreamer

Zed, The Dreamer is the solo project of Portuguese singer-songwriter Zé Pedro Viveiros. The sound itself is a stunning blend of indie, folk and pop that feels understated yet intimate.

With soulful vocals gliding over emotive and melodic instrumentation, this talent’s music will win your heart over in an instant.

“I wrote this song after I moved from Portugal to London. It encaptures the feeling of isolation, loss and longing that came from that decision. It is a song about self-discovery and finding peace with the past.”

Zed, The Dreamer