New Music: Heart Machine Service

This is the sweetest, loveliest track. I’ve reached a point on this blog where I get so many emails that I seldom read what people put on their emails, and just jump to the links to hear the music. I did the same when I got the email for Heart Machine Service… And the song gripped me to a point where I just wanted to know more about where the sound came from. This is what it said:

End of last year, Sofi Bonde came home to Stockholm after many years in New York and L.A where she was signed to Atlantic Records. After hundreds of songs written and placements on all major tv shows, from Gossip girl to Entourage and hollywood movies, she still couldn’t get her release date.

A few years later it reached a limit and she came home, back to the roots.

Back in Stockholm she immediately  teamed up with producer and songwriter Kim Logan (co-founder and producer of Set Fire Run/Dyno) and started the duo “Heart Machine Service”.

To avoid the pit falls of the music business, they created their own dogma and got it down to these five points:

1. do it our way and be in full control..
2. do it with heart.
3. do it well, like a machine
4. share and provide the service…
5. be Heart Machine Service


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