Johan Lenox, Lil Keed, Kota the Friend – throwback thursday

“A lot of my songs focus on a feeling of nostalgia for when I was a kid in the suburbs. As the years go by I wonder if that nostalgia is just a natural part of growing up and resisting adulthood, or if the world we innocently believed in back then was really a lie that has completely fallen apart. I tried to capture that feeling of ambivalence in this song.”

I was really excited to have Kota the Friend and Lil Keed both contribute verses as well. Having started out as a classical composer, I got into producing and singing after being inspired by Kanye West. One of my favorite things about him was how he curates a wide variety of sounds and perspectives to create an eclectic whole, and I’ve tried to apply that to my own music, including here.” – Johan Lenox

Johan Lenox | Lil Keed | Kota the Friend