Joseph Nevels – Safe

This release from Joseph Nevels is the epitome of what excellence is in modern soul. The track was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Johan Lennox (who’s already been featured as an artist on Alfitude) and Noah Barer.

Watch out for the upcoming project ‘Abide’ which is out soon.

Joseph Nevels

Johan Lenox, Lil Keed, KOTA The Friend – throwback thursday

“A lot of my songs focus on a feeling of nostalgia for when I was a kid in the suburbs. As the years go by I wonder if that nostalgia is just a natural part of growing up and resisting adulthood, or if the world we innocently believed in back then was really a lie that has completely fallen apart. I tried to capture that feeling of ambivalence in this song.”

I was really excited to have Kota the Friend and Lil Keed both contribute verses as well. Having started out as a classical composer, I got into producing and singing after being inspired by Kanye West. One of my favorite things about him was how he curates a wide variety of sounds and perspectives to create an eclectic whole, and I’ve tried to apply that to my own music, including here.” – Johan Lenox

Johan Lenox | Lil Keed | Kota the Friend

johan lenox + Landon Cube – cancel the party

Johan’s sophomore EP cancel the party is out now via Island Records.

Johan Lenox | Landon Cube

Watch: johan lenox – no one wants to dance anymore (feat. Yung Pinch)

“Sometimes it feels like no one wants to have fun lately. I don’t know if that’s because people are growing up and our lives naturally take us in different directions, or if it’s because we live in uniquely stressful times where everyone’s struggling to reach adulthood, taking multiple jobs or moving back into their parents’ basement. Maybe both. Yung Pinch can relate— he’s on tour so much that it’s easy to lose touch with longtime friends.  In general I think it’s just a lonely time to be coming of age in America right now.”

Johan Lenox