Hedda Mae – Madness

This is one of those songs that is so unashamedly pop that it’s impossible not to feel good once you press play. Disco seems to be making a resurgence in Norway and I am here for it!

“‘Madness’ was written during the first session we had had in a while, because I live in Bergen and my producer Benjamin Giørtz (Tiësto, Betty Who), lives in Oslo, and the country had just started allowing people to travel again within Norway. It’s a buzz to be finally able to do the thing you love again, and that was probably where the bubbly, playful vibe in this song came from. The lyrics are about when someone suddenly becomes interested in you and gets really friendly, and you question yourself about where they’re really coming from. Because other people’s intentions often aren’t good, and you know you shouldn’t get involved really, but it can be difficult to keep yourself away.”

Hedda Mae