New Music: ILON

Finland doesn’t produce many pop stars, but when it does, it really comes up with some seriously strong prospects.

Add to that roster 21-year old ILON, a talent who is already rapidly getting attention from some of the industry’s heavyweights; take Bille Eiilish and Halsey collaborator FINNEAS, who has already collaborated with the singer on a project.

Could she be the next big starlet to emerge from the Nordics? I think very possibly so…

“‘Selfish Love’ is about being hurt one too many times. The other person sees your vulnerability as a chance to abuse you, to pretend to love you to feel good about themselves. At this point you are already broken enough to see through their malevolence – You throw yourself into it completely, giving in to every emotion. Being in such a vulnerable state, it sucks to notice that the other person was never really in it wholeheartedly.”