New Music: Sätilä

A balanced mix of alternative indie and electronic pop from a Finnish talent who creates melodies that are both rousing and memorable.

Taken from the debut EP ‘on the verge of something’ which is out now.


New Music: Ade Mai

A universally loveable indie folk sound that is both uplifting and atmospheric. The song itselfwas written at a time when Ade Mai was experiencing the excitement of moving to a new country.

“I had just moved to the UK from my home country Finland, and I was full of energy and wanderlust. I met lots of new exciting people and got to live next to the gorgeous Bournemouth beach. I am sure that’s where the cheerfulness in this song comes from.”

Ade Mai

New Music: Malla

An exciting talent from Finland who merges classic disco sounds with synth-pop and sleek house vibes.

“‘Tilaa’ asks more space for personal and universal speculation moments and raises a moment where unnecessary hustle and bustle has subsided freeing up time and space for a new kind of view of thoughts and being.”


New Music: ILON

Finland doesn’t produce many pop stars, but when it does, it really comes up with some seriously strong prospects.

Add to that roster 21-year old ILON, a talent who is already rapidly getting attention from some of the industry’s heavyweights; take Bille Eiilish and Halsey collaborator FINNEAS, who has already collaborated with the singer on a project.

Could she be the next big starlet to emerge from the Nordics? I think very possibly so…

“‘Selfish Love’ is about being hurt one too many times. The other person sees your vulnerability as a chance to abuse you, to pretend to love you to feel good about themselves. At this point you are already broken enough to see through their malevolence – You throw yourself into it completely, giving in to every emotion. Being in such a vulnerable state, it sucks to notice that the other person was never really in it wholeheartedly.”


New Music: Illuusio

If you’re wondering what language this sublime piece of dream-pop is sung in, it’s Finnish. Finland itself has long been a hotbed of pop talent, but rarely do songs get the traction they deserve when they aren’t performed in English.

Somehow though I have a feeling that Illuusio could change that. Despite not understanding the lyrics, this song has such a powerful emotive flow that it’s easy to feel moved by what you hear.

“The Finnish lyrics tell a sweet story about the euphoric feeling of falling in love overnight, and the bitterness of a heartbreak.”


Robin Packalen – Benefits

As far as Finnish pop goes, this is some of the best you can experience right now.

Robin Packalen

Olivera – Tomorrows

Another slice of Finnish power pop from Olivera with a sense of positivity and hope.


New Music: Tuure Boelius

Entirely sung in Finnish and yet this is just too great not to share with you. It’s a mix of bubblegum pop and a very hard electro sound.

Tuure Boelius

New Music: Louie Blue

A perfect slice of Nordic funk pop by this 18-year old talent from Finland.

“This is the song that makes you dance while you’re walking down the street and you make a complete fool out of yourself although you think you look like the coolest guy in the world. It makes the rainy day feel like it’s shining.“

Louie Blue

New Music: Pearly Drops

A Finnish duo who masterfully blend dark, haunting pop with minimal indie vibes.

Pearly Drops

Live: Jesse Markin, Moyka & Elias at Ja Ja Ja

What better way to celebrate 10-years of London’s top Scandi night, Ja Ja Ja than to go and watch them showcase three of my absolute favourite Nordic acts last night.


I have been featuring this Swedish talent since 2015 and I am still a huge fan of his raw take on soul and pop – and the intensity is amplified tenfold on stage.


Moyka carries a powerful synth pop sound in a way that Norwegian talent only can. Watching this kid live felt like a polished cross between Robyn and Ingrid, only with a naivete charm which makes the whole sound so unique.

Jesse Markin

One of Finland’s brightest talents of late, with the most stunning fusion of RnB and pop. A bold presence on stage, this set was mind blowingly epic and captivating.