New Music: Laurent

Following on from a break in music, Laurent has recently signed with hugely successful Made Management (one of Norway’s premier agencies and home to Aurora, Sigrid, dePresno and a ton of other talents), so you can expect to see and hear a lot more of this kid in the coming future.

Laurent’s blend of glitchy pop and RnB is a unique and entertaining experience, and this song in particular carries a storyline that many fellow artists can associate with.

“Before ‘I’m Done’ I had long tried to force myself to go back to a ‘normal’ job, but at that time struggled with it because I was too hung up on everyone else’s opinions. I was simply too proud and terrified to lose my ‘place’ and afraid that people would have a different impression of me than ‘artist’. It all started with my first day at work as a bartender in Bergen. The nightclub was in full swing and I was thrown into the bar. The first guest I was to serve was someone who recognised me from my previous music career. His first comment was ‘It went damn fast from a stage to a bar!’ This was what inspired me to write ‘I’m Done’. It feels very wrong to stand in a bar or sit in an office and promote other artists for a nightclub when you yourself are an artist, rather than working on your own artist career. I have an extremely bad conscience and I immediately feel a nasty kind of fomo (fear of missing out) feeling.”