Menke – Echo of Youth – Story Behind The Music (Short Film)

Today marks World Mental Health Day across the globe; a time to remember that pain can hurt just as much when it’s unseen, as it is seen.

With that in mind, Swedish singer Menke has released a deeply personal short film to accompany the collection of songs from ‘Echo of Youth‘ that were written over a ten year period when her life was turned upside down as a result of depression in her family.

During that time, Menke had to move from Berlin where she was performing as a folk singer, back home to her native Sweden to look after her 13-year old sister.

Their mother had lost the ability to function as a parent due to her deep depression, and Menke had to step up and look after her sibling full time.

The EP is heartfelt a story of struggle, and the departure of youth as one transitions to adulthood.

We recorded the songs in one long take, not track by track. I wanted to capture a human and close feel – the withered and the exposed.