New Music: Sage Ray

To hear so much intensity packed into a song is quite an extraordinary experience; more so when you learn that the talent behind ‘Goodbye Stage‘ is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who is still just 21-years old.

Sage Ray creates a sound that blends elements of emo-pop, rock, hip-hop and electronica all together to create something that is truly unique to listen to.

This song came about as a result of a dream that Sage had, after taking a break from a relationship and realising that they were not supposed to be together.

“Music is therapy for me. I’m able to set landmarks and then look back and see the process I was in at that moment in time. I keep making music not just because it’s my calling, but also because I hope that I can help someone heal or find truth regardless of what culture is saying.”

Sage Ray

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