Sage Ray – She’s Worth It

Sage Ray’s follow up to December’s ‘Goodbye Stage‘ is exactly as beautiful and melodic as I’d hoped. Minimal yet intense; deeply emotive yet relatable.

“While she was healing from her past, I was giving my guts loving her the best I knew how. Our dynamic caused lots of disconnect and bad communication and I think most people would’ve given up. In fact, lots of people told me I should. But I learned that real love is laying my life down for others. Loving even harder when things get tough. Committing and persisting through something many in my world said was hopeless was one of the most beautiful, vulnerable experiences I ever had, and I’d never trade it.”

Sage Ray

New Music: Sage Ray

To hear so much intensity packed into a song is quite an extraordinary experience; more so when you learn that the talent behind ‘Goodbye Stage‘ is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who is still just 21-years old.

Sage Ray creates a sound that blends elements of emo-pop, rock, hip-hop and electronica all together to create something that is truly unique to listen to.

This song came about as a result of a dream that Sage had, after taking a break from a relationship and realising that they were not supposed to be together.

“Music is therapy for me. I’m able to set landmarks and then look back and see the process I was in at that moment in time. I keep making music not just because it’s my calling, but also because I hope that I can help someone heal or find truth regardless of what culture is saying.”

Sage Ray