New Music: MoonBee

Every so often you stumble across a talent who is so uniquely true to their creative selves that the music totally blows you away after just a few seconds of play.

This is the case with Danish outfit MoonBee, who creates a sound that could only be described as cosmic dream pop; a fusion of playful 60s beats, rocking 70s bass, atmospheric 80s synth and omnichord, energetic 90s guitar riffs.

It’s music that takes you to several galaxies far away, and an escapist’s idea of bliss.

“MoonBee creates music that takes you to a distant, sparkling galaxy. A tale of searching for a greater meaning within the magical infinite Universe as a kind of backlash to all that’s sense imprinted in society. A book of remembrance of being a tiny little creature against the infinity of the Universe.”

Taken from the double-debut EP ‘Come Move In Another Dimension – Part I & II’ which is out now.