New Music: Kleo

Copenhagen-based singer and pianist Kleo creates a style of music which is so deeply emotive and rich in character that it immediately captivates you. Quite astonishing considering the fact that she’s still unsigned, and this is her first release.

Kleo’s inspirations range from hyper-romantic love stories and an upbringing to the sound of her grandfather’s piano; through to 90’s grunge and Vedic astrology.

‘Broken Halleluiah’ is a song written as a kind of requiem for lost love, and the video is a tribute to Baz Luhrmann’s cult classic ‘Romeo & Juliet’ from 1996.

“‘Broken Hallelujah’ is a love scene and a tragedy happening in slow motion. A sort of requiem to a love that was lost to begin with. It’s the feeling of bliss and sadness being intertwined, that can be so elevating and heavenly – an emotion so intense, you can’t help but stand in awe of the universe and how we are created. While singing ‘Broken Hallelujah’, I experience these feelings so purely.”