New Music: Peaceful James

An immensely catchy track from Ugandan and Danish talent Peaceful James. Despite the fact that listening to James’ blend of pop and rap on ‘Still Not Good Enough’ is a cheery affair, the track mixes those feel-good beats with sad lyrics that focus on those feelings of self doubt we get after an unsuccessful date. An all too relatable topic for most of us!

“I found myself staring at my phone for half a week to see if she had written back or was online. I really liked her and actually thought our date had gone super well! So it was an even bigger blow when it dawned on me that she probably did not felt the same way. But like so many times before, I luckily got my frustrations out through the music and only when I had written the song ‘Still Not Good Enough’ it was as if I could let go and move on”.

Peaceful James