Watch: We Will Kaleid – Lure

One of the most interesting projects to emerge from Germany in recent times, art & experimental-pop duo We Will Kaleid return today with the mesmerising ‘Lure’.

The track demonstrates a perfect balance between something that is conceptual and avant-garde, while also being emotive and thought-provoking. On the song and video, they say:

“‘Lure’ makes a subtle but profound statement about the changing nature of human relationships, rebuking a world that seems to prioritise followers over enduring connections. We tried to capture a feeling of uncertainty and confusion in the video, visualising the loss of our own sense of self through the progressive deconstruction of Marcia’s character, as it’s slowly taken over by leering digital phantoms. We chose an experimental visual approach, bringing together old and new techniques to create something appropriately dystopian yet nostalgic.”

Taken from the EP ‘Aphasiac’ which is released on the 21st May 2021.

We Will Kaleid