FEMM – Private Dancer

Consistently pushing the boundaries of electronic pop, Japanese Mannequin duo FEMM return today with their hard-edged new track, ‘Private Dancer’.

Decadently blending elements of dance and goth rock into a sound that feels bold and raw, the song tackles the concept of ‘symbiotic love’ – the desire to use; and to be used.

“Confidence is sexy. She is strong and fierce. She doesn’t take no as an answer. She loves every inch of herself being a woman. It’s cool to sing this character as FEMM. It’s a new vibe for us and we are loving it. The song starts off with a mysterious tone, then goes into harder beats. For sure it’s gonna make you wanna dance. If you get more into it, the more you can really feel that strong confident sexy woman.” – RiRi, FEMM