Watch: half•alive – TIME 2

Long Beach based trio half•alive return with their new song ‘TIME 2’, which was produced by the legendary Ariel Rechtshaid (Vampire Weekend, Adele, HAIM) and co-written with Dan Nigro (Olivia Rodrigo). The music video was self-directed by the band and long time collaborators JA Collective.

“The lyrical message of ‘TIME 2’ ended up shocking us in a very prophetic way… The song speaks about waking up in the chaos of life and remembering a child-like state of mind. It calls to reset, and return to the beginning. The moment we finished writing the song, the world was subdued into a global time-out. Production on the song, along with everything else, came to a standstill. A year has passed, and now in May 2021 we find ourselves looking down at the lyrics in awe…”

“I’m fleeing to the wonder I lost when I was younger, the simple child state of mind.

It’s comin’ like the sunshine, rising in the morning.  I’m waking up it’s time—

Fighting the constant, forgetting to give it up.

I forgot what I wanted, now i’m waking up it’s time.”