New Music: Love Truls

Love Truls is the brainchild of 18 year old Swedish creative Truls Söderman Carlberg. Listening to new single ‘Tell Her’ gives you a glimpse at just how phenomenally talented this artist is.

A true Gen Z songwriter with an innate ability to absorb, filter, and distill various musical expressions, Love Truls also vividly depicts the experiences of a 21st century teenager.

“‘Tell Her’ started with just a nativistic guitar line and vocals; it has transformed and grown ever since it was written in 2018. It definitely has some classical music influences, and I wanted it to be powerful, which Röda Paradise really helped with, being able to take in real strings and shit. Shoutout Röda Paradise!”

Taken from the debut EP ‘Kantande Wanai’ which is out now via This Is Scandinavia.

Love Truls