Violet Days – Shut The World Up

Not only a talented singer and performer, Violet Days also has an enviable reputation within the songwriting world through her collaborations with the likes of The Chainsmokers, Shaun Frank, Cash Cash and more.

Today she returns today with the beautifully anthemic ‘Shut The World Up’, song that feels both melancholy yet rousing, and a prime example of Scandinavian pop at it’s best.

“This song was definitely born under the influence of anxiety. It’s been a frustrating year for all of us, It’s been scary and Ive felt pretty clueless overall. This song is basically my journal of this past year, struggling a bit with myself and some relationships. Sometimes you wish you could just push the OFF button on all the thoughts you cook up in your mind.. Listening to music has helped me a lot with this and I hope this song can be somewhat helpful for anyone out there that needs to feel like there’s more of us out here losing our minds.”

Violet Days