Talii – Pointless Numbers

Orlando native Talii returns today with a song that defines the essence of soulful youth with unmistakable authenticity. ‘Pointless Numbers’ is a brooding, dark RnB sound that is beautifully atmospheric and totally mesmerising.

“I wrote ‘Pointless Numbers’ during a particularly heavy depressive state I was in at the time. When those moments hit, I shut myself off from everyone and tend to suffer in silence even though I know I need help… I pick up my phone over and over to reach out to someone but even though I have hundreds of numbers, I don’t feel like I can text or call a soul. I know I’m not the only one who has felt like this. Creating this song has been a release for me and helped me share my struggle with mental health when it was hard for me to express it before. I hope it’s also a release for others. Something they can cry to… Something that gives their pain a voice when they struggle to find the right words. Something that helps other people feel less alone.”

Taken from the forthcoming EP, due out summer 2021.