Carter Ace – The One and Lonely

Track of the week. The big challenge in creating conceptual pieces of music is that the chances of mainstream audiences connecting with your work is somewhat limited.

I can confidently say that this is not the case with Carter Ace’s ‘The One and Lonely’. Truly a sublime composition, the Cameroonian-American singer, songwriter, rapper and artist has seamlessly blended RnB with hip-hop, soul and even space funk to create one of the most impressive songs that I have experienced so far this month.

“This track is about creating art in the void of loneliness, intensified during the last year with the forced isolation of the pandemic and navigating my growing success. In this void, the pressure to create has turned into a distracting white noise as I recognise that I am truly ‘the One and Lonely.’ As the track morphs static noise into inspirational melodies, I realise ‘I don’t know my purpose, so I might as well enjoy the ride.’”

Carter Ace