KAMILLE – Sad Party (feat. Ivorian Doll & Haile)

With the help of Ivorian Doll and Haile from RnB collective WSTRN, the British musical powerhouse that is KAMILLE releases a summer bop like none other in the form of ‘Sad Party’.

“’Sad Party’ is all about trying to get over the one you miss the most, and how difficult it can be to move on. Everyone around you seems so happy, and you feel like the only one heartbroken. ‘Friday night highs but I’m feeling low’ – I love this lyric so much! We’ve all been there – t-shirt, a bad movie & binging on ice cream on a Friday night because you’re just.. that.. sad.”

Just to remind you of how special this seasoned hitmaker is, KAMILLE is not only a singer, songwriter and producer but also a label, studio and publisher owner who was the first artist to ever be offered their own studio within London’s iconic Metropolis Studios.

KAMILLE | Ivorian Doll | Haile