Banji – TalkieWalkie

One of the catchiest indie bops you’ll likely experience all week, ‘TalkieWalkie’ from Utrecht-based quartet Banji is an exhilarating and refreshingly original release. It is yet another example of the band’s ear for memorable tunes that keep popping up in your head days after listening.

“This song was meant to be a continuation of our other song ‘Listen‘. I wanted to write down some of the conversations I had with myself in the shower, cause that’s really the only place I can actually win arguments. I thought that was a fun concept for a song, but I ended up writing about frustration. Being tied up and missing a sense of freedom and forwardness. Trying to handle that, but failing to consider a different perspective – all the way up to the point you’d rather spend your energy screaming at a wall.”  – Morris Brandt, Banji