Banji – Cornflakes

Photo / Liam Maxwell

Dutch outfit Banji are back with just about one of the bounciest, most playful releases of the month.

New single ‘Cornflakes’ covers the consequence of submitting to small cravings, and the bigger overall issues this can cause.

“I’m prone to developing little addictions pretty easily. Just the tiny things that get me through my day. The overall subject turned out to dig a little deeper into my own habits – temptations, quick releases, and with that, carelessness. Always being on the lookout for a little bit more than what you already have. Enticement can lead you to concentrate on the wrong things, and make you forget that you always have a choice. Because, if these dependencies develop on a bigger scale, they can have a significant impact on the people around you, and cause you to put up a front. Hiding behind it for the sake of someone else. I was noodling around with these ideas, using metaphors and different voices to inhabit the lines in the song.” – Morris Brandt, Banji

Debut album ‘Freshcakes’ is set for release on 14th October 2022 via [PIAS] Recordings. 


Tour Dates 2022

  • 14/04 Altstadt, Eindhoven NL    
  • 17/04 Rotown, Rotterdam NL    
  • 24/04 Hedon, Zwolle NL    
  • 30/04 Sound City, Liverpool UK
  • 14/05 The Great Escape, Brighton UK
  • 15/05 Gashouder (w/ De Staat), Amsterdam NL
  • 19/05 Laylow, London UK
  • 20/05 33 Oldham Street, Manchester UK
  • 23/05 Oporto, Leeds UK
  • 25/05 1999, Paris FR
  • 04/06 Sonic Wave, Birmingham UK

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Banji – Chills

Starting the week off with Utrecht quartet Banji’s bouncy new release, ‘Chills’. Catchy, soulful and relatable, this is one track that is guaranteed to make a connection with a lot of listeners.

“’Chills’ is about being in a rut. That feeling of how everything around you goes too fast to keep up with. It’s something everybody struggles with now and then, looking for grip. But when you can’t find that, you tend to give up and it feels like you’re stuck. Sometimes I get really tied up with myself, and it feels like my brain can’t really process what I’m trying to deal with. Being okay with that, acknowledging it, and taking a step back has helped me a lot.” – Morris Brandt, Banji

Be sure to catch the guys on their European tour:


Banji – TalkieWalkie

One of the catchiest indie bops you’ll likely experience all week, ‘TalkieWalkie’ from Utrecht-based quartet Banji is an exhilarating and refreshingly original release. It is yet another example of the band’s ear for memorable tunes that keep popping up in your head days after listening.

“This song was meant to be a continuation of our other song ‘Listen‘. I wanted to write down some of the conversations I had with myself in the shower, cause that’s really the only place I can actually win arguments. I thought that was a fun concept for a song, but I ended up writing about frustration. Being tied up and missing a sense of freedom and forwardness. Trying to handle that, but failing to consider a different perspective – all the way up to the point you’d rather spend your energy screaming at a wall.”  – Morris Brandt, Banji


New Music: Banji

There’s truly nothing quite like Banji’s sound. This is a quirky and eccentric blend of indie, pop and rock, all of which come together to form something playfully charming and hugely fun.