New Music: Joey Knight

A hugely exciting debut from Nottingham raised and London based singer songwriter Joey Knight.

With a beautifully sincere approach to music-making, Joey has already found himself collaborating with a close-knit community of other emerging talents (and Alfitude favourites) such as Issey Cross, Tayo Sound, Jalle and Sfven.

let u go’ is a subtly emotive piece that all’s about heartbreak, with Joey examining his own mistakes in a relationship and looking back at it with fondness and honesty.

“‘let u go’ is a song coming from a place of heartbreak and the heartache in hindsight. Looking at the breakdown of a relationship and wondering if it would be different had certain things changed, and blaming yourself for not being able to see, or do certain things at the time. It’s really that post-breakup vicious cycle of thoughts that I think most people have experienced at some point in their lives – whether it be through friendships, family or romantic relationships”.

Joey Knight