Brett Castro – movies in the backyard

movies in the backyard’ is that kind of indie-pop song that immediately casts a spell on you, leaving you totally mesmerised and in love with it.

Written in Castro’s childhood bedroom, the song is a nostalgic cut that paints romantic vignettes of his life – “every bruise a badge of honour when we’re flying up the trees” – that feel like you’re watching an A24 film.

“‘movies in the backyard’ was written on a challenge from my childhood friends to write a song about growing up together in Ohio. We were always running through the woods, singing around the piano, or shooting YouTube videos in their backyard. They were my escape out of my own world and into one that we made fantastical. Sometimes I feel like I never left that backyard, and I’m still foraging around for that feeling. And so that’s what I ended up writing.”

Brett Castro