GRAACE – Half Awake

Australian artist GRAACE has firmly established herself as one of the continent’s most promising new musical exports. With a raw and honest take on pop, this superstar in waiting has sharply expressed her emotions with every release to date.

Her new single ‘Half Awake’ is a heartbreaking and deeply moving song that was written of the heartache that she had suffered after losing her father as a teenager.

“10 years ago, I lost my father to a sudden death at the local pool, around the corner from my old family home, before a surfing trip we had planned that afternoon. I’ve always struggled with sleep since his passing. That night, when I was 14, I experienced lucid dreaming for the first time. It started as a tall white elevator tower and he said goodbye to me that night in it. As I grew older I began to love sleep. I think it’s been a side effect of depression but it’s wild to me that when I’m asleep it’s the one time I’m able to talk to him. I taught myself lucid dreaming very quickly after he died. I was able to build a town surrounding the white elevator in my dreams that I could revisit most of the time when I tried really hard”.