New Music: Madeline

Madeline is a Dallas-raised alternative singer-songwriter who writes beautifully simple yet powerfully emotive songs; so much so that her work has so far picked up placements on both Spotify and Apple’s flagship new-music playlists, as well as support from tastemakers like Paper Magazine, Early Rising and A1234.

Today she releases her new A-B single ‘Nice/Wake Up’, comprising of two stunning songs that are both equally superb.

On first single ‘Nice’, Madeline says, “The word ‘nice’ kept popping into my head, and I thought about how people always just say ‘nice’ as kind of an empty, passive answer. It made me think of people who think the world revolves around them and that it’s nice of them to give people the time of day.  The more and more you look at this person’s actions, they might not be that nice of a person.”

Meanwhile, ‘Wake Up’ was written as an anti-love song, telling the story of a couple who are infatuated with each other but not in love:

“The song is actually two years old, but it was the first time I felt like I had something interesting and exciting to me. For a while, ‘Wake Up’ was the only song I would show anyone and so it was important to me that this one came out.”