Ida Laurberg – Singing Mars A Lullaby

Every release from Scandinavian artist Ida Laurberg to date has been nothing short of breathtaking.

With stunning vocals delivering intelligent lyricism over a dark and melancholic production, ‘Singing Mars A Lullaby’ continues to prove that Ida could well be one of the Nordic region’s biggest future exports.

“On my latest single ‘Personal Letters’ I started working with a more 00’s pop/ rock/ punk sound than what I’ve done before. This was how ‘Singing Mars A Lullaby’ came to life. I usually write about personal experiences such as heartbreaks, bad friendships, and stuff like that. Now I felt like writing about something larger than that from the outside world, but which still affects me somehow. ‘Singing Mars a Lullaby’ is about billionaire’s strange wishes of traveling into space instead of spending their enormous amount of assets on helping our world. About how it shouldn’t be possible to possess that amount of money. And mostly, it’s about how these types of people are probably going to end up feeling pretty lonely at some point.”

Ida Laurberg