tmdistant – mix it up

Effortlessly fusing hyperpop and electronica with sprinkles of alternative hip-hop, UK tmdistant marks his return today with ‘mix it up’. Lyrically, the song details his rise from nothing to something in the space of a year as a musician (thanks to the huge interest garnered from singles like  ‘break’ and ‘so bipolar’).

Now if there’s a party somewhere, he’s the first person to be invited – whereas in the past he was an afterthought. 

“I wrote this song after attending a few parties after covid restrictions being eased and people starting to enjoy going out again. This motive I went to was full of people from my childhood (high school days) – as I entered the party, it felt like everyone saw a ghost. People were greeting me like I was a celebrity – it was a surreal feeling. I felt like a superstar. These were the same people that used to laugh at me when I first started making music funny enough. Thus why on the intro I said ‘they never understood the plan, they just pouring a cup’. Wherever I go these days, people know me— my presence always shakes things up. That’s what made me write this song the way I did. The rest can be interpreted however the listener thinks and feels.”