Watch: Mack Keane + ESTA – Open Up

Rising R&B artist Mack Keane teams up with ESTA on stunning new single ‘Open Up’. With a melody that flows with finesse, the lyrics tell of the longing you can have for a person to change with you.

Alongside the track comes a video that compliments the song’s effortlessly luxuriant energy, of which they remark:

“It’s something we’ve all been through at some point. Working with Yavez [Director], we were able to capture this familiar state of emotion using a contrast of colours, reflecting cold aimless nights and warmer ones. They intersect. With the ending, the doors open and flashes to white. We thought it was important to represent stepping into uncertainty. There’s a brightness to that. After spending so much time feeling restrained, we want that freedom, to open up.” 

Mack Keane | ESTA