PENNY – Outside

After a hugely successful introduction to the world last year, Huddersfield singer-songwriter PENNY returns today with ‘Outside’ – a beautifully poignant indie-electronica confession about being tangled up in jealousy, and how sometimes it can be mistaken for lust.

“It feels like so long ago since I wrote ‘Outside’, but usually, when I write something, it’s because I need to find a way to process my emotions – it’s kind of like therapy to me. The song is all about jealousy, and how I became borderline obsessed with my ex’s ex. I found myself wondering whether my jealousy towards her was actually lust – the whole ‘do I want to be you, or be with you?’ thing. However, in writing the song and looking at the situation through an ‘outside’ perspective, I came to realise how ridiculous this was, and that I am really quite perfect just the way I am.”

Taken from the new EP ‘‘My Secret Powers’ which is out now.


PENNY UK Live Dates:

  • MANCHESTER – The Castle Hotel – Tuesday 1st Feb 2022
  • LEEDS – Oporto – Wednesday 2nd Feb 2022
  • LONDON – The Brink – Friday 4th Feb 2022