PENNY – Outside

After a hugely successful introduction to the world last year, Huddersfield singer-songwriter PENNY returns today with ‘Outside’ – a beautifully poignant indie-electronica confession about being tangled up in jealousy, and how sometimes it can be mistaken for lust.

“It feels like so long ago since I wrote ‘Outside’, but usually, when I write something, it’s because I need to find a way to process my emotions – it’s kind of like therapy to me. The song is all about jealousy, and how I became borderline obsessed with my ex’s ex. I found myself wondering whether my jealousy towards her was actually lust – the whole ‘do I want to be you, or be with you?’ thing. However, in writing the song and looking at the situation through an ‘outside’ perspective, I came to realise how ridiculous this was, and that I am really quite perfect just the way I am.”

Taken from the new EP ‘‘My Secret Powers’ which is out now.


PENNY UK Live Dates:

  • MANCHESTER – The Castle Hotel – Tuesday 1st Feb 2022
  • LEEDS – Oporto – Wednesday 2nd Feb 2022
  • LONDON – The Brink – Friday 4th Feb 2022

PENNY – Cauchemar

One of the UK’s most exciting prospects so far this year, emerging Huddersfield singer-songwriter PENNY returns with her third release, ‘Cauchemar’.

Today also sees the announcement from the artist that her debut EP ‘My Secret Powers’ will be out on 26th January 2022. On ‘Cauchemar’ PENNY says:

“I think ‘Cauchemar’ is one of my favourite songs from the EP. It came out of my body and onto the page within a matter of minutes, and I kind of feel this when I’m singing it. It always feels new to me, and so, so groovy. It’s almost as if I get a nice little surprise every time that dreamy drum beat kicks in.”


Upcoming live dates

MANCHESTER The Castle Hotel – Tuesday 1st Feb 2022

LEEDS Oporto – Wednesday 2nd Feb 2022

LONDON The Brink – Friday 4th Feb 2022

PENNY – Ur Girl’s Fine

PENNY’S latest release ‘Ur Girl’s Fine’ has to be one of my favourite indie-pop tracks of the week. With those angelic vocals floating over an irresistible synth refrain, the song is a mid-tempo banger that marks a particularly difficult time in her life.

“When I wrote ‘Ur Girl’s Fine’, I was well and truly trapped in a toxic and abusive environment, and the song was just a way for me to romanticise the whole situation; a way to convince myself it was all normal and fine. I feel sorry for the girl who wrote this song back then, but I also feel so proud of how much she’s grown and changed. These days, I like to sing this song as a love note to myself, and to those pals who’ve been there for those sweet, sweet memories.”


New Music: PENNY

Huddersfield born and bred PENNY is a 23-year old talent who’s angelic vocals are just about the most beautiful you’ll listen to all day. With gorgeously melodic songs that showcase her flair for honest lyricism, this artist could well be your new favourite pop star.

“I wrote ‘Sad Puppy’ at a time when I’d finally realised I was worth more than how I’d been allowing people to treat me – a breakthrough moment. But I still felt so frustrated for ever allowing myself to be treated that way.”