New Music: Cate Tomlinson

Representing some of the most exciting new talent from the USA is 20-year-old singer, songwriter and performing artist Cate Tomlinson.

Still a student at Northeastern University, this Boston-based creative forms emotive sounds inspired by pop, soul, and rock & roll. The end result is music that feels fresh and current, while still maintaining a deeper and more soulful essence.

“Whether it’s composing a brutal text or making a grocery list, the Notes app has become Gen-Z’s (and my own) digital diary. I wrote this song about stress-writing text apologies in my Notes app; ‘notes app apology’ wallows in the paralysing period of time where you know a relationship is all wrong and you need to get out – but you haven’t left yet. I found myself in a toxic situation and still had the instinct to protect the relationship and hold onto this person. I wrote about realising they thought they could say anything to me thinking I’d always be there, and coming to terms with the fact that the time I spent drafting texts in my Notes app to put us back together was time wasted.”

Cate Tomlinson