push baby – What Ya Gonna Do?

Nostalgic pop done so flawlessly that you’d really struggle to believe this song is from 2022.

Effortlessly capturing that distinctive Max Martin brand of millennial pop, ‘What Ya Gonna Do?’ is the push baby’s first single of the year.

“’What Ya Gonna Do?’ came from wanting to capture that pristine late ‘90s / early 00’s Max Martin POP! That sound is pretty much the backbone of the whole record. Our instinct kind of always goes to that very radio friendly, punchy pop anyway, but we’d shy away from it because we were scared of ’not being cool’. However, we’ve just leaned into it now, to the point where our noses are touching the ground. If we’re going to do it then we’re going to DO IT – it’s a pastiche. From the artwork, to visuals, to what we wear, push baby wanted to deliver the perfect pop record. I think it works because it’s two idiots in their mum’s garage making it.”

push baby