Matt Taylor – GODSPEED

Photo / Frederick Goff

Brighton-based Irish artist and producer Matt Taylor shares his stunning new single ‘GODSPEED’.

An intoxicating slice of genre-bending electro-pop, the song’s reflective and honest lyricism captivates listeners from the start.

“A lot of ‘Godspeed’ was written in late July and early August. I think it was just after clubs and social gathering had just started to open up and I know I was feeling very overwhelmed. In the weeks leading up to it I felt very distanced and pushed away from a friend I caught feelings for, but I also felt a disconnect from myself. Realising this link is what prompted me to write Godspeed.”

“I didn’t want anything serious with anyone, but that conflicted massively with how I felt about him. What I learned from this whole situation is that you can’t truly let someone in until you know yourself what you are and what you want, and in that time neither of us knew.”

Matt Taylor