New Music: Xana

Rising artist Xana is not only delivering some of the most empowering pop to emerge from Canada right now, but she does so while also incorporating themes of LGTBQ romance, female sexuality and self-discovery into her songwriting.

New single ‘My Therapist Told Me’ serves as an anthem of frustration, of letting go of a toxic infatuation and being brought back to reality by those around you.

“I was head over heels for this girl who would constantly flirt with me and then out of nowhere she’d say we were ‘just friends’ and apologised if I ‘got the wrong impression’. I refused to write another sad song about it and instead channelled all my confusion and frustration into this angsty, early 2000’s vibe, pop-rock song. Writing ‘My Therapist Told Me’ was therapy in itself and it pushed me down the path of healing.”