New Music: Gorgeous

Danish duo Gorgeous unveil debut single ‘Divine’ today, and as their name entails, what you’ll experience when you press play is indeed very… gorgeous.

Crafting songs together as a team, these two talented musicians complement each other’s work while also being unafraid to embrace their human and musical differences.

The result is a shimmering pop sound that feels organic and understated, yet rich in emotion and character.

“Falling in love easily seems like a veil of euphoria, happiness and fascination. But at the same time, it’s a personal invitation into the life of a complete stranger – and the other way around – where you eventually will have to face each other’s story and what it holds of peculiarities, weaknesses, misfortune and tragedy. ‘Divine’ is about that total surrender – about showing the good and the bad sides when you bump into that “one in a million”-true love.” Maríe Louise, Gorgeous


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