GIVVEN – Doubts

International trio GIVVEN have released their audiovisual EP ‘Losing Colours‘ today, and with it the unveiling of new single ‘Doubts’.

The melancholic and reflective song introduces a rhythmic bassline that intermittently makes itself at home in your mind, riding the gentle storm of disquietude and thought-provoking lyrics.

“‘Doubts’ immediately grabs your ear, opening with very close and floaty falsetto vocals. Tapping into electronic roots, ‘Doubts’ starts with a gentle verse and chorus before dipping, then diving into a deeply effected vocal chop and bass-led drop. Constantly moving in different directions, ‘Doubts’ mirrors the chaos of an inner voice that’s constantly trying to lead you astray. The music video for ‘Doubts’ is a smokey, magma-infused art piece showcasing a dancer battling with her inner demons amidst an active volcano and dark, steaming lava fields looming ominously in the background of every shot.”

‘Doubts’ is taken from the ‘Losing Colours’ EP, which is out now.